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Stone World was founded in 1990, by Shekhar & Bina, sparked by the fortuitous sale of Verde Guatemala marble tiles. Despite venturing into an unknown territory, their passion for stone was instant and long-lasting. Fast forward to 1996, after getting better acquainted with the industry, the business then occupied its first premises – a serviced warehouse in Rainham, Essex.

The Agarwal vision for Stone World having its own exclusive space came to fruition when they unveiled their own warehouse-office space in Park Royal’s Abbey Road in 2002. This warehouse stocked a wide variety of granite and marble slabs, mainly serving the purpose of a stockyard, delivering stock to wholesale clients against orders.

By 2005, Stone World evolved to truly embody its name stocking stone from all corners of the world, to now also include onyx, travertine, quartzite & slate. By moving to the Coronation Road premises, Stone World now had the benefit of two covered warehouse spaces in North West London.

Another pivotal change came about in 2009 as the stone industry was developing. This is when Mr & Mrs Agarwal’s daughter joined the family business. A new surge of fresh energy, Urvashi worked to make end users & designers the focal point of the business. As the stone selection & material specifying process became more fashionable, Stone World ensured a wide selection of interesting stones were available to view at their warehouse. Material procurement, seeking both high quality and the unusual is an art which Shekhar has perfected with years in the industry.

The founding ethos of the business has always been to deliver quality material & service to clients. Since we strive to maintain this since 1990, we can proudly say that many of our original clients have remained loyal to this day. We can proudly say that we have the largest selection of stone in London. Come and see for yourself!

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